8 Jan, 2022
The Valeria’s story

We thought about taking this little girl to our Centre for a long time…

No, we were not scared; we decided whether we could help her. And we are not all-powerful…

And now Lera has been with us for nine months. Not easy for her and responsible for us. Not easy because

during this time the girl’s grandmother and aunt, who actually raised her, died. Mom just disappeared from

her life. There are some mothers who do not have maternal love with the birth of children. There is also an

uncle, but sometimes it seems to us that Lera, at her eight years old, is older than him.

And it so happened that today Lera has got only us. And we are the ones who make every effort to put the

girl on her feet, both literally and figuratively. We try very hard: we take her for a massage, study

individually, support her and make her happy. And now we are also preparing for the operation. Yes, a

whole eight years have been spent in which a lot could have been done for this child. But there is still a

chance, and this time we won’t miss it. We will do everything possible and impossible for Lera to walk into

a new life with a confident gait. And if we ask you, our dear friends, please call out, because only together

we are POWER. We really want this beautiful, smart, kind, sincere girl to become healthy as well.