3 Dec, 2015
We are looking for a psychologist!

At us very interesting and very important vacancy – the children’s PSYCHOLOGIST

Main requirements: the higher psychological education (the bachelor, the master), specialized additional education (in the directions – children’s psychology, children’s psychotherapy)

Decency, responsibility, readiness to study, constantly to improve the skills, to work overtime. Desire and interest in work with orphan children, undergone ill treatment. Work in the emergency mode, fast reaction to inquiry.

Availability for service with a children’s psychological trauma.

Experience with children of 3 years and teenagers. Idea of work with consequences of sexual violence, loss, a children’s nevrotization.

Duties: carrying out complex diagnostics with children aged from 2,5-18 years, written characteristics and maintaining personal records, introduction of rehabilitation process of the child, psychological maintenance of adaptation processes of the child, planning of individual and group therapeutic work with the children who underwent a psychological trauma. Providing recommendations of the personnel on the basis of the carried-out diagnostic and consulting work, work with parents of children.

Conditions: full employment, official employment

Contact person: Oksana Sklyar, 0931645275